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Steven Sladki
Band: Bloomr

UDV Pedals is proud to announce its first legitimate UDV Artist, musician Steve Sladki.  Steve is neither related to anyone at UDV nor was he paid by us, making it all the more surprising that he agreed to become a UDV artist.  Steve is a talented multi-instrumentalist and drummer.  He's currently playing guitar for the band Bloomr and rocking the Shellfire Screamer Overdrive at full volume.

Steven Sladki_edited.jpg
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John Dahlgren
Bands: Run-Trout-Run, Severn Grove, Millhouse

John has been playing the drums for almost 25 years, but he also kinda knows how to play the bass.  His twin brother gifted him a few UDV Pedals and now he's forced to use them whether he wants to or not.  John's name and photo were used without his knowledge or permission.  His favorite UDV pedals are the Kill Switch and Twin Owl Switcher.  Note: all artists are pictured in their musical prime, actual musicians may be older than they appear.

JSD Circa 2003.JPEG
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Ulric Dahlgren
Bands: Severn Grove, Millhouse, LeRoy

Ulric has been playing the electric guitar for over 25 years. He played in several local bands in Annapolis and Frostburg,MD and enjoys jamming with various musicians from time to time.  Ulric now mainly builds guitar pedals and jams along with backing tracks for his own amusement.  His favorite UDV pedals are the Shellfire Screamer Dual Overdrive (V2) and Bad Kitty Feedback Looper.

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