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The “Shellfire Screamer” (Version 2) combines two overdrives (OD) into one enclosure to create a powerful and extremely versatile overdrive. Each OD circuit is inspired by the classic Ibanez TS-808 circuit that provides smooth drive with a pronounced mid-hump. This is not your typical mild mannered 808 OD. The unique dual combo has a broad range tonal possibilities, including various diode clipping options and bass EQ mods that yield dramatically different overdrive sounds. Active both ODs together for a screaming dual overdrive.


Why would anyone want two overdrives? Many guitarist know that the key to unlocking killer tone is pedal stacking. One overdrive can be set for light crunch and the other for more drive, or activate both ODs together for a heavy shredding overdrive. Guitarist Trey Anastasio (Phish) has used dual TS-808s for many years to create his signature and masterful tone. The Shellfire Screamer V2 is dynamic enough to cover many different genres, and it sounds great at both stage and bedroom volume. It's also great at replicating the huge overdrive sound of many other classic guitar tones.


Both overdrive circuits have identical controls including volume, drive, and tone. The bass mini-toggle switch allows you to change the bass EQ by selecting between I (the stock EQ) and deeper bass settings II (more) or III (more-more). The clipping mini-toggle allows you to select from LED clipping (center position) which delivers a large increase in volume that produces a very open and dynamic sound with less compression. The down position (D1) selects stock silicon clipping diodes in opposite directions, and the up position (D2) selects silicon diodes in the same direction. Each selection has a different and distinctive crunch allowing for more sonic possibilities than the traditional overdrive. The silicon diode clipping provides smooth and creamy overdrive with tighter crunch and slight compression. Mixing variations of clipping diodes and bass EQ allows for a wide range of tonal options.


Activating both overdrives together creates a huge overdrive sound with increased dynamics and gain that's perfect for lead work. This transforms the usually chill TS-808 circuit into a roaring overdrive with increased sustain and heavy distortion.


This pedal is true bypass and the analog circuit board is a high quality PCB. Some of best available electrical components were used to outfit the circuit. All components are lead-free and RoHS certified. The enclosure is designed to represent aged historic documents and letters. The artwork is the personal coat of arms and motto of Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren (USN), inventor of the Dahlgren Gun which became the standard armament of all US Navy warships during the American Civil War (1861-1865). The Admiral also commanded the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron which was a vital part of the "anaconda plan" strategy to deprive the rebels of war materiel and disrupt foreign trade. The motto "Quorum Pars Fui" roughly translates to "in which I played a part", in reference to his military service and significant contributions to naval ordinance development. UDV Logo, Admiral Dahlgren coat of arms, and graphic design are copyright of UDV Pedals LLC.

Shellfire Screamer Dual Overdrive (V2)

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Enclosure dimensions: 145mm x 121mm x 39.5mm
    • High quality PCB circuit board outfitted with premium electrical components.
    • Tough powdercoated die-cast aluminum enclosure.
    • Pro UV printe graphics
    • Durable Pro footswitch rated for 50,000 stomps!
    • Nutrik 1/4" I/O mono jacks.  These hi-quality jacks maintain great contact and grip on your guitar cable.
    • Lead-free solder helps protect environment and human health. 
    • Mellow green & red LEDs are easy on the eyes. 
    • Circuit is powered by 9vDC center-negative jack. 
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