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This unique kill switch is a very useful and fun utility pedal that comes in an MXR sized enclosure: 112 X 60 X 31mm (4.4"x 2.3"x 1.2"). The "mute" momentary foot switch (right) kills your signal temporarily when held down. The latched "kill" switch on the left effectively murders your signal. When the red LED eyes illuminates, your signal is dead. The mute switches can be tapped for a unique stutter effect "a la" Tom Morello and Buckethead. The momentary footswitches are rated for 50,000 stomps!


The kill switch will make any pedal in front of it 100% silent.  Therefore, the effect works best when placed last in the pedal chain.


The pedal is passive meaning it doesn't require power to function. The 9v center negative jack simply powers the LEDs (power supply not included).  UDV logo and graphic design is copyright of UDV Pedals LLC.

Kill Switch V3

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Tough die-cast aluminum enclosure.
    • Size 112 X 60 X 31mm (4.4"x 2.3"x 1.2")
    • Pro UV printed graphics
    • Durable Footswitches rated for 50,000 stomps!
    • Nutrik 1/4" I/O mono jacks.  These hi-quality jacks maintain great contact and grip on your guitar cable.
    • Lead-free solder helps protect environment and human health.
    • LEDs powered by 9vDC center-negative jack
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