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The Darkside Fuzz is a faithful recreation of the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi and is assembled to the 1973 Rams Head specs.  The rare-vintage 73 Rams Head Muff is one of the most sought after and highly valued pedals of all time.  Now you can have this amazing replication for a price that's right for working musicians.  This pedal has a ton of drive, fuzz, distortion and sustain, and can cover everything from 1990s style grunge (Smashing Pumpkins) to the soaring leads of David Gilmour (Pink Floyd).  


The Darkside Fuzz is equipped with a three knob control including volume, tone, and sustain (drive).  The "mids" toggle switch lets you select from three different midrange EQ settings: scooped mids (down), flat mids (middle), and boosted mids (up).  The scooped setting is identical to the classic Muff EQ, but the flat and boosted settings provide a great additional feature to increase the tonal range of the distortion.  The boosted mid setting can also help the Darkside really cut through the band mix.


The enclosure design and pink LED are a not-so-subtle reference to Pink Floyd.  UDV logo and graphic design are copyright of UDV Pedals LLC.

Darkside Fuzz V2

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Enclosure dimensions: 122mm x 66mm x 39.5mm
    • High quality PCB circuit board outfitted with premium electrical components.
    • Tough powdercoated die-cast aluminum enclosure.
    • Pro UV printed graphics.
    • Durable Pro footswitch rated for 50,000 stomps!
    • Nutrik 1/4" I/O mono jacks.  These hi-quality jacks maintain great contact and grip on your guitar cable.
    • Lead-free solder helps protect environment and human health. 
    • Mellow pink LED is easy on the eyes.
    • Circuit is powered by 9vDC center-negative jack. 
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