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This tap tempo has a cool retro style inspired by Civil Defense Geiger counters distributed during the Cold War. The soft touch footswitch is rated for 50,000 stomps.


The tap tempo is availible in either Normally Open (NO) or Normally Close (NC) switch configuration. 


Normally Open tap tempos work with many JHS, Line 6, Electro Harmonix, MXR, Behringer, Eventide, or any other pedal that requires an NO tap tempo. 


Normally Closed switches work with many Boss pedals or any other pedal that requires a NC tap tempo.


Check the host pedal manufactures specs to determine which type you need.  Either polarity will work with most pedals, the difference being the correct polarity sets the tempo on the downward tap, the wrong polarity sets it on the release of the footswitch. It's not the end of the world if you pick the wrong one, since you'll find it's still easily sets the tempo. If you're not sure, contact our customer support at


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Civil Defense Tap Tempo

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Enclosure dimensions: 92mm x 38mm x 30mm
    • Tough die-cast aluminum enclosure.
    • Durable footswitch rated for 50,000 stomps!
    • Heavy 22 gauge stranded wire.  The thicker stranded wire makes for solid electrical connections that are much harder to break through vibration and shock.
    • Nutrik 1/4" I/O mono jack.  These hi-quality jacks maintain great contact and grip on your guitar cable.
    • Lead-free solder helps protect environment and human health.
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