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The Achtung Funkmeister (AF-1) Version 2 is a one of a kind passive volume control that's built like a tank and may be the only part of your rig that could survive an EMP blast (electromagnetic pulse commonly associated with detonation of a thermonuclear weapon). This unique design is a UDV original concept and there are currently no comparable devices on the market with the key features that make this pedal stand out. The red safety switch is true bypass and disconnects the volume volume control without removing cables. Achtung!!! Be sure you're ready for the immediate volume increase of your amplifier when the AF-1 volume control is removed from the mix. The disconnect switch is labeled for "emergency use", but of course you can use it whenever you want. Just keep in mind that when the volume control is diconnected your amp will get very loud very fast.


The AF-1 can be used to provide a volume control anywhere in your signal chain from your pedal board to your amplifier's effects loop, but it was specially designed to provide an additional volume control to tame the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amplifier (or any other tube amp using a serial effects loop). The guitar input jack is on the front left and the output is on the front right. This arrangement is backwards to most UDV pedals, but it was done intentionally to line up with the pre-amp out on the Hot Rod Deluxe amplifier.


We all want a powerful amp for the next gig, but practicing in a dorm room, apartment, or bedroom forces a compromise. You essentially have two options: (1) turn your amp way down and loose all the sparkle and drive that made you buy a a powerful amp in the first place, or (2) play at an insane volume that's sure to damage your hearing, upset the neighbors, and send your roommates running for noise canceling headphones. Now you have another option, the AF-1 volume control.


The A-1 allows you to play at practice levels and dial in the perfect volume to keep that tube amp sparkle. This also eliminates the annoyance of going from no volume with the knob at zero, to eardrums busting loud at 2, making it very hard to adjust your tube amp at lower stage volumes or in practice. The AF-1 plugs into the amp's serial effects loop and instantly solves this problem.


Don't buy a toneless (and joyless) practice amp to get lower bedroom volumes, the AF-1 solves the powerful tube amp volume dilemma and allows you to use your effects loop. The large volume knob with scale plate allows you to dial in the volume where you want it. The red safety switch is true bypass and disconnects the volume pot, but keeps your effects loop intact.


The pedal's name is inspired by the U2 album (Achtung Baby). Achtung is German for "Attention" or "Danger", and Funkmeister translates to "radio master (operator)". The design inspiration for the AF-1 comes from an old US military radio called the AN GRR-5, better know as the ANGRY-FIVE.


UDV logo and graphic design are copyright of UDV Pedals LLC.

AF-1 Amp Volume Control

Excluding Sales Tax

    • Enclosure dimensions: 112mm X 60mm X 31mm
    • Tough die-case aluminum enclosure
    • Powder coated finish in olive drab (army green)
    • Large 27mm knob with aluminum volume scale plate
    • Tinned copper Mil-Spec Aviation wire.  The insulation jacket is extremely tough and protects heavy 22 gauge stranded wire.  The thicker stranded wire makes for solid electrical connections that are much harder to break through vibration and shock.
    • Nutrik 1/4" I/O mono jacks.  These hi-quality jacks maintain great contact and grip on your guitar cable.
    • Lead-free solder helps protect environment and human health.
    • RoSH certified components. 
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